Textiles: A Simple Shop or Kitchen Apron

A Simple Shop or Kitchen Apron

We will be constructing plain aprons with one or more patch pockets. Each student will be able to fit and finish an apron to his or her individual size and preference.

In the class, students will learn introductory sewing skills, including:
    rudimentary fitting and pattern alteration
    cutting, pinning, basting
    the role and importance of pressing during construction
    rolled hems
    fitting a garment during construction

Tickets are $35 and available now until noon on Wednesday, 1/22/2020. The class fee includes all materials needed. Please purchase a ticket with your choice of these fabric colors: off white, denim blue, or tan.

Note: Threading and operation of the sewing machine will not be emphasized in this class. Please come to a Saturday morning class in preparation for this if you need to get comfortable ahead of time.