How do I start?

Learning new skills, mastering new tools, getting help on your inventions or creations, and more all start the same way. It starts with you hanging out and becoming a part of our community at Build.

We recommend new members start by signing up for a trial membership and stop by the facility during an open house (open to all), a members' meetup on Fridays, or whenever you can. We understand that there are so many new faces, tools, and things to do; it can be overwhelming at first. So, meet other members and join the fun!

After you've spent a little time at Build, you'll find your niche and get to know many great members; from small business entrepreneurs to students, there are a lot of different people around here.

Once you're comfortable, feel free to ask someone to teach you what they know about the particular tool you'd like to learn. Not good at meeting new people? We're not always either. Just ask a volunteer to introduce you around, or teach you what they know about the tool / process / subject that you want to learn. When the time comes, please pass along the knowledge as best you can. If you learn something, teach something!

At Build, there is no wrong question, and there are no experts. We explore science, art, math, technology, and invention together as a community. We are trying to be Jacks-of-all-Trades (or Jills-of-all-Trades), because we know that our creations and inventions are more powerful with a diverse understanding of the world around us, and diverse viewpoints through which it is seen. Whether you're creating a robot or a food product, a puppet or a laser-based propulsion system, diversity in knowledge is the engine of invention.

So, how do you start? Simply sign up for a trial membership and come hang out with us!

We look forward to seeing you around here soon.

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