The Build Forward Foundation - a 501(c)3 Organization

The mission of the Build Forward Foundation is to enable open access to the tools, and skill sets, needed to innovate & produce in the modern age.

The Build Forward Foundation (BFF) was established in 2017 in order to promote hands-on STEM access for the greater metro Richmond area having a focus on innovation & ideation, modern manufacturing including robotics, CNC, artificial intelligence, LASERs, additive manufacturing, and more.

The mission goals of BFF are to:
· Promote the understanding and application of modern manufacturing and innovation
· Educate and help understand patent issues for entrepreneurs
· Contribute to and support individual IP ownership
· Provide access to equipment, supplies, mentors and funding for ideation
· Help STEM related teams and groups accomplish project goals
· Teach the application of modern tools and technology
· Provide financial opportunities for product based business development
· Provide scholarship opportunities for art, engineering & manufacturing
· Sponsor and mentor STEM based teams
· Facilitate networking connections between manufacturers and talent