Build Forward Guest Speaker Series Quantum computers will be part of the future – global technology companies are already building machines and selling software and quantum access via the cloud, and governments around the world are investing billions of dollars. The subject is a perfect fit for MakerSpace people who love to tinker and build. Learn about quantum mechanics, quantum computers, and what one leading quantum computing company, D-Wave of Vancouver, BC, is doing. This talk will get you started in quantum computing through real-time access to the D-Wave Leap quantum cloud and teach you how to use Python programming for building applications on the D-Wave quantum computer.

Dr. Joel M. Gottlieb joined D-Wave in January 2016 as Senior Pre-Sales Analyst, after 20 years in AT&T and AT&T Research.  He earned a Ph. D from the University of Wisconsin--Madison in condensed matter physics, after graduating from the University of Michigan. At D-Wave, his role includes bringing new users to the quantum computer, and researching basic problems which show the power of the computer. He loves learning new subjects and new technology, and also enjoys talking music.
- - Our speaker series strives to bring people doing interesting things to our membership and others in the Richmond community.   Come join us for the first of our newest event addition, the monthly speaker series.